Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News – September 15, 2009

In Fulton, Missouri, 69-year-old Judy Davis single-handedly forced a plane to abort its landing after she allegedly went out onto the runway and fired a .22 caliber handgun at it. She later told investigators she was mad because the plane had repeatedly flown too close to her house!  ***MARLAR: Good news – she doesn’t live there anymore.

You might say one couple’s new marriage is definitely off to a rocky start. The couple was hiking along the rugged Billy Goat Trail in Maryland when the man stopped to propose to his girlfriend. After saying yes, the woman slipped and fell about 10-feet down a rock face and had to be rescued by helicopter. Assistant Chief Scott Graham of the Montgomery County fire department joked that it must have been “a heck of a proposal”. The woman briefly lost consciousness, but her injuries weren’t life-threatening. The couple’s name has not been released.  ***MARLAR: It’s for better or worse – they’re just getting the “worse” out of the way early. 

In San Antonio, Texas, 51-year-old grandmother Velma Gladys Brewster is in serious trouble after she tried to visit her grandchildren at Windcrest Elementary School. She did not have permission from her daughter to visit the kids so was denied access. So she got a little mouthy with the office staff and was asked to leave the campus. So that evening, about 6:44pm, she left a voicemail on the school’s answering machine — a message of the basic bomb threat variety. School employees did not check the voicemail system until about 7 a.m. the next morning. They recognized Brewster’s voice from the day before and then had to evacuate up to 678 students and 85 faculty employees, while the police department investigated. No explosives were found at the school and Brewster was arrested and charged with making terroristic threats — a very serious felony.  ***MARLAR: On the plus side, she can have her grandchildren visit her in prison twice a week.

(CBC News) The government of Samoa has made a most interesting decision that should have some very interesting consequences. As of Monday, all automobile drivers are now to switch lanes and drive on the left side of the road instead of the right. The move is supposed to put the island nation more in line with its regional neighbors — Australia and New Zealand. A public holiday was declared in Samoa on Monday, closing schools and offices to allow people to deal with potential traffic chaos. Nightclubs will also be closed all week. But here’s the best part — if the new law proves successful, in six months, IT WILL BE APPLIED TO TRUCKS TOO!  ***MARLAR: As for now — good luck Mr. Truck Driver!

(Daily Mail)  They’re not exactly the kind of thing you’d find at Victoria’s Secret, but undergarments that were designed for Queen Victoria herself, at the end of the 19th century, have been given “national designated status” by the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council of England. This award is given to museum collections which are considered of both national and international significance. They look more like oversized linen pajamas and are embroidered with a small crown and the initials VR. The undies will become part of the Royal Ceremonial Dress Collection – 12,000 items worn by royalty and courtiers from the 17th century until the present day including a tweed suit created for Princess Diana for her 1981 honeymoon. ***MARLAR: It’s old underwear that’s now worth money… I’ve got plenty of ancient tighty-whities, what am I doing working for a paycheck?

Nearly half of all American workers gripe about being burned out even though they didn’t use up all their vacation days. According to a recent survey by Yahoo Hot Jobs, 45% didn’t take all their time off, while 39% say they were too exhausted to go on a “real” vacation. Another 36% claim to be too busy to take time off, 34% say the high cost of going somewhere keeps them going to the office, while 32% want to save vacation days for real emergencies.  ***MARLAR: I know exactly how frustrating that can be, working too hard and not taking time off… so here’s my plan for you.  Work hard, and give ME your vacation time.  I’m willing to make the sacrifice for you.

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