Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News – September 15, 2010

Moms have said don’t run with a scissors or sharp objects.  Add a toothbrush to the list!  A 15-year-old girl showed up in the emergency department at an Auckland hospital after accidentally swallowing her 7-inch toothbrush.  The girl told doctors she felt fine, but could feel the toothbrush “churning around in her stomach”.  ***MARLAR: Apparently she was trying to get to where the bad breath starts.

It’s flu-shot season already, and for the first time health authorities are urging nearly everyone to get vaccinated, except those under 6 months of age. There is even a new high-dose version for people 65 or older.  ***MARLAR: You’ll want to stand in line early though, as each location will have a new ObamaCare death panel to determine whether your life is worth protecting.

Starbucks is debuting its latest caffeinated concoction — flavored instant coffee.   It’s adding four new, slightly sweetened varieties of its successful Via instant brew. The flavors — mocha, vanilla, caramel and cinnamon — will be sold in Starbucks stores this fall, though no date has been announced. The single-serve packets will be added to grocery store shelves early next year.  ***MARLAR: It’s intended to help cover up the taste of bile when you realize how much you’re spending on instant coffee.

Two Dallas City Council members have proposed charging a $25 fee next year to anyone who wants to have a garage sale in city limits.  City managers have floated the idea of charging $5, as a way to help balance next year’s tough budget.  The council members decided to up the ante and think they could generate some $500,000.  ***MARLAR: How about they just hire someone for $50,000 and have them buy stuff at garage sales to sell on eBay?

The wackiest practical joke to hit England in years is called “spudding,” filling the entire interior of someone’s car with mashed potatoes and gravy. Teens often spend an entire day at a “spud party” cooking the gooey stuff. They gather it in huge vats, then dump it into a friend’s car, all the way up to the roof, in the dead of night.  ***MARLAR: This is particularly cruel if the victim is on a low-carb diet.

Researchers at Northwestern University in Chicago discovered that the human nose can sniff out danger. Volunteers smelled two very similar grassy scents and couldn’t tell them apart. They were then given an electric shock when they were exposed to one of the scents. Afterward, they were able to tell them apart. Scientists said it shows that sense of smell has a survival mechanism.  ***MARLAR: The test subjects now have a better sense of smell, but have developed an irrational fear of grass.

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