Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News – September 22, 2009

Women everywhere are panicked over the discontinuation of a very popular skin care product. Estée Lauder announced today that it will shutter Prescriptives, the 30-year old skin care brand. The global wholesale distribution of Prescriptives will cease by January 31, 2010. The brand’s website will remain open until products run out. Aparently the brand was not selling like it should.  ***MARLAR: And they think shutting it down is going to help?

Robbie Williams is predicting an alien invasion within the next three years.  The 33-year-old told Chris Evans on Radio 2: “I’ve been dreaming every night about UFOs, every night.  “I can’t wait to go to sleep because my dreams have been so brilliant.  “I think they are definitely on their way, seriously. Mark my words. From now until 2012 – watch out, kids.”  ***MARLAR: He’s right about that – our kids should stay as far away from this guy as is humanely possible.

Dr. J. Gordon Spendlove was as surprised as anyone to be able to celebrate his 76th wedding anniversary with his wife. Spendlove, 100 years old, said that when he and Elizabeth celebrated their anniversary and their 100th birthdays together over the weekend, it was truly something special. “No, no, I never thought we’d live to be 100,” Spendlove said. “It’s not all that bad.”  ***MARLAR: When asked for the secret to a long and happy marriage, Gordon immediately turned to his bride and said, “Honey – what’s your opinion?”

Jail inmates in Pasco County, Florida are complaining about having to wear the new black-and-white-striped uniforms on outside work details. One man said the new prisoner uniforms made them “look like convicts.”  ***MARLAR: Kudos to the fashion designers!  Well done!

Let me have a YouTube music video, hold the video. It’s a trend that seems to be growing by the day when it comes to the online clip-sharing site. When recording artists want to get their music into the pipeline, they have their people put an audio track on the site without a video to go with it. The only video content in many cases is a still photo of the performer, along with the music. And it’s not just the management of recording stars who are doing this.  Some fans of artists are putting music on the site, sans video, to create a little buzz about their favorites.  ***MARLAR: It’s the perfect solution for performers like me whose careers might be hurt if people knew what they looked like. 

A survey by America Online found that the average American worker wastes over two hours a day.  ***MARLAR: Mostly by surfing the web with America Online.

Researchers have found unexpectedly huge differences in the genetic makeup of individual human beings — meaning the so-called genetic map may be way off. ***MARLAR: Not that male scientists stopped to look at the map or ask for directions anyway.

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