Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News – September 23, 2009

Teachers at a school in England are trying to get 11-to-16-year old kids to stop swearing by writing down every swear word they know. The teachers say this will teach the kids the meaning of the swear words in the hope they will stop using them. ***MARLAR: And if not, they’ll at least learn how to spell them correctly.

In Russia some dogs have been trained to discover iron ore by smelling it.  ***MARLAR: And they always seem to find it under the tails of other dogs.

(The London Independent) In Moseley, England, a pair of musician-beggars were banned from performing in the area after a magistrate court heard tons of complaints by desperate residents about their music. The big concern seemed to be that the duo only knew and played two songs– Oasis’ “Wonderwall” and George Michael’s “Faith.” And they played them over and over and over driving folks mad!  ***MARLAR: Maybe people could pay them… to leave.

(Ananova) There’s a new World’s Biggest Burger and it weighs in at 185 pounds! It’s at Mallie’s Sports Grill and Bar in Southgate, Michigan — who broke their own previous record of a 164-pound burger! Restaurant owner Steve Mallie said it took eight hours just to bake the bun and that “Being in the Guinness World Records book is the greatest accomplishment we’ve ever done.” The burger is baked for 15 hours before it is topped with cheese, lettuce and tomato and wheeled out into the restaurant on a trolley.  ***MARLAR: Filmmaker Michael Moore videoed the event and said the burger would be even better with a side of fries and large shake.

(The West Virginia Journal) In Martinsburg, West Virginia, you can thank Facebook for the arrest of 19-year-old burglar Jonathan G. Parker. The victim called police after coming home and finding her house had been broken into. Cabinets had been opened and two diamond rings had been stolen from her dresser in her bedroom. But also in the bedroom was a computer — a computer that the burglar apparently stupidly used to check his Facebook page — and that was still logged in to that Facebook page! So police caught up with Parker and put him in jail. If convicted, that Facebook check could cost him one to 10 years in prison!  ***MARLAR: So remember, be careful what you put ON Facebook… and where you LOG ON to Facebook.

This year version of Wheel Of Fortune will have some changes in the way the game is played. This year they’ve gotten rid of the “Free Spin” card! It seems that the “Free Spin” has been replaced by a “Free Play” space on the wheel. If you land on this spot, you get to do anything you want: choose a consonant, ask for a vowel, etc, and if you’re wrong it’s OK, you don’t lose your turn.  ***MARLAR: Because it’s American and spelling is really hard.

A Winona Minnesota man was cited for cursing in public under a local law created back in 1887. Police said a 19-year-old man was cited Wednesday after he yelled obscenities at officers who had earlier given him a ticket for underage drinking. Officers said they could hear the man cursing at them from a block away. Several neighbors said they also heard the shouting. Violating Winona’s obscenity law is a misdemeanor, with a maximum penalty of 90 days in jail and a $1,000 fine.  ***MARLAR: Upon that he was receiving a ticket for cursing, authorities immediately had to give him another one.

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