by Michael Webb (

Couples with children need to get away.  Time and money restrictions do not always allow for an “off-site” date or evening together.  Chances are the only private room in your house is your bedroom.

It is the place where you are likely to spend most of your quality time together so it should be the most inviting room in the home.  Here are some ways you can make your bedroom more like a private retreat.  This investment in your home and relationship will cost far less than a vacation.

  • First, clear away all the clutter — the ironing board, the pile of clothes to be mended, the stacks of magazines.  If you can’t move those items out of the room, buy an inexpensive storage cabinet and either paint it or throw an attractive sheet or cloth over it.
  • Add an attractive, cozy armchair where you can sit and relax. Shop consignment stores or look in the classifieds if you need a bargain.
  • Invest in some coverings for your bed to make it look like what you might see in a magazine.  A thick comforter or two will give it a plush, comfy look and throw on lots of matching pillows of various sizes.
  • Put a nice magazine rack next to the bed or the armchair for all your magazines and books.
  • Purchase some candles and place them throughout the room. Use them!
  • Hang some attractive artwork on the walls.
  • Bring in a radio or small stereo into the room so you can play music to set the appropriate mood.
  • Flip through decorator magazines for more ideas

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