The Deep Diving Leatherback

The Deep Diving Leatherback

What air-breathing creature holds the deep diving record? Some think it’s the whale. Find out on today’s Creation Moments Minute.

Deep Diving LeatherbackThe champion of deep diving is unquestionably the leatherback turtle. These air-breathers can actually go down to a depth of at least 3,900 feet. That’s nearly three‑quarters of a mile!

While all of us are in awe over the ability of the leatherback turtle, those who believe in evolution have a special reason to be surprised at what they are learning. According to evolution, whales and sea turtles evolved from creatures who live on the land. Evolutionists have a difficult time accounting for the extensive specialized changes required to turn a land turtle into a sea turtle capable of operating beneath three‑quarters of a mile of water. However, those of us who know that all things were created by a wise Creator understand that there is nothing God can’t do.

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