“The Dial of Death” and 3 more terrifying true stories! #WeirdDarkness

In this episode…

Ten years later, a visit from a demon continues to scare one young man.

A man doing some reconstruction work inadvertently discovers a torture chamber.

A young girl takes a selfie – and captures the smile… of a specter!

A barber on a military base finds broken mirror frames each morning.

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Maureen Anne MESI

Keith Conrad

Featured In This Episode (from MyHauntedLifeToo.com)…

“The Terrible Sundial – The Dial of Death”

submitted by Ken DaSilva-Hill

Ken DaSilva-Hill retains all intellectual rights to this work. Reproduction only with specific permission of the author.


“The Devil By My Bed”

Submitted by Zac Sigleer


“The Haunting of Victorville Base, California”

Submitted by Carl Landon


“The Ghost In My Selfie”

written by Jessica Ogletree, and posted on Facebook


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