Did Job Have a Weather Satellite?


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Did Job Have a Weather Did Job have a weather satelliteSatellite?


On today’s Creation Moments Minute, how the Bible was right even about the weather.


One of the most amazing things today is the scientist who uses science to judge the Bible. After all, many things accepted today as scientific fact were first taught in the Bible.


Job 36 explains the water cycle in which, through evaporation, tomorrow’s rains are drawn into clouds. Ecclesiastes 1:7 tells us that there is a cycle of water from rivers to seas back to fill the rivers again. Job 37:9 and Ecclesiastes 1:6 both speak of wind and weather patterns that were finally confirmed in 1940.


Many of the accepted facts of today’s science were originally stated in the Bible. Science should not pass judgment on the Bible. After all, it has taken science thousands of years to begin to catch up with the Bible’s level of knowledge about even such a thing as the weather.


For Creation Moments Minute.com, I’m Darren Marlar.



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