Did We Once Walk On All Fours?

Did We Once Walk on All Fours?

Evolutionists tell us that we used to walk on all fours, just like the apes from which we supposedly evolved. A family physician calls that absolute rubbish.

Seeing God Through the Human BodyThis is the Creation Moments Minute.

In his book Seeing God Through the Human Body, physician Robert Peprah-Gyamfi writes he was taught that humans once walked on all fours. But even before becoming a Bible-believing creationist, he regarded that notion as absolutely ridiculous. He considers evolution to be “a preposterous theory that stems from nothing other than unbelief propagated by people who cannot or are not prepared to believe there is a powerful force in the universe, God Almighty, capable of doing anything.”

He adds: “The whole world may take me for a naïve, crazy person running away from the bare facts. As far as I’m concerned, however, the notion that we once walked on all fours is absolute rubbish.”

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Ref: Dr. Robert Peprah-Gyamfi, Seeing God Through the Human Body, pp. 127-132 (HighWay, 2009).