Did you know that some ants keep livestock just like farmers?

Did you know that some ants keep livestock just like farmers? This is the Creation Moments Minute.

Honeydew is one of the favorite foods of ants. Many species of ants will milk aphids and other insects who consume so much honeydew that they cannot digest it all – just like a farmer obtains milk from a cow. The ants do this by stroking the honeydew-collecting insect’s abdomen with its antennae. The insect even slows its secretion of excess honeydew so the ants can eat it.

The ants construct clay pens and shelters in which they enclose certain species of aphids, just as a farmer keeps his herd. Like the farmer, the ants move the aphids to better honeydew feeding sites when necessary. They also care for the aphid eggs during the winter.

Such complex relationships between creatures points to a God who is both Creator and Teacher – even to insects!

For Creation Moments Minute, I’m Darren Marlar.

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