Does Donald Trump Have A Female Doppelganger In Spain?

Dolores Leis is just a simple 64-year-old farmer in Spain, but she’s suddenly found unexpected fame on social media after many found she bore an uncanny resemblance to President Donald Trump. A journalist reporting on farming in northwestern Spain posted on Instagram a picture of Leis with a hoe over her shoulder, prompting thousands of responses. Some think it’s the color and style of her hair – which does look a lot like Trump’s. Others say the face is a dead ringer for the president. But Ms. Leis is different from Trump in one respect – she doesn’t use a mobile phone and has little interest in Twitter, or any social media for that matter. A Galician native who has lived in the same town since she married her husband four decades ago, Leis works at home and at her farm, where the reporter found her last week planting potatoes. And maybe there’s a lesson her for all of us. Leis told reporters she has not felt overwhelmed by sudden fame because, without a smartphone, the online buzz is easy to ignore. (Newser)

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