Eating Pollution

Eating pollution

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Eating Pollution


How would you like to live in a neighborhood where garbage was never collected and taken away? This is the Creation Moments Minute.


What if there was no provision in the creation for getting rid of waste? Our sewage does not break down all by itself. Without microbes, waste would simply continue to pile up. But if you were designing a world in which waste would have to be “taken away,” how would you do it? It’s hard to imagine a solution to the problem that is better than the solution God provided. The creatures that dispose of our waste are microscopic. But microbes don’t simply break down garbage into harmless materials. In His wisdom, God designed them to turn useless garbage into useful substances.


Whether we recognize it or not, we humans continue to learn at the feet of the Creator who made us – which is, itself, an argument against evolution.


For Creation Moments Minute, I’m Darren Marlar.



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