Elegant Quilt of Relationships

An Elegant Quilt of Relationships

How do birds survive the freezing cold weather of winter? Find out on today’s Creation Moments Minute.

http://www.creationmoments.com/sites/creationmoments.com/files/images/Elegant%20Quilt.jpgMany birds eat insects through the summer. But as winter nears, they turn to the berries that have been growing and ripening all summer. The high sugar content of the berries’ juice helps the birds to quickly build up fat. The freeze on cold fall mornings even helps to increase the sugar concentration in the berries.

Even more amazing is that the various types of berries eaten by the birds ripen in a staggered fashion so that berry season is long and the supplies are always available. For example, as the elderberry supply is just about consumed, highbush cranberries are in production. All of these complex, interrelated systems depend on each other in an elegant, fine-tuned design.

Mindless chance can’t account for this design in nature … but a wise Creator God CAN!

For Creation Moments Minute, I’m Darren Marlar.

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