“Emails From The Dead” and 5 More True, Terrifying Stories! #WeirdDarkness

Emails From The Dead” and 5 More True, Terrifying Stories! #WeirdDarkness

IN THIS EPISODE: A calm resident spirit suddenly begins making the children in one home sick. (Resident Spirit) *** The most sensational murder in 1930 revolved around the mob in Chicago… but the murder victim wasn’t a made man, it was a reporter from the Chicago Tribune. (Who Killed Jake Lingle?) *** In 1961, Joan Risch vanished from her Massachusetts home, leaving behind two children, a distraught husband, and a kitchen streaked with blood. (Blood On The Kitchen Floor) *** Imagine receiving an email from one of your closest friends talking about what happened just yesterday… but that friend who emailed you had died several months ago. (Emails From The Dead) *** Pregnancy and the paranormal. Are the two related? I’ll share four accounts from pregnant women who might have you believing there is a connection. (Pregnancy and the Paranormal) *** Why do some people dream about future events? Why are some dreams full of hidden meaning? Can some of our dreams be glimpses of events taking place in an alternate reality, a parallel Universe? (Are Dreams Glimpses Of a Parallel Universe?) *** Plus, a very creepy original story suggested to me by a fellow Weirdo, called “Happy Sun Daycare”.

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