Every Turkey Recipe You Need to Make a Perfect Thanksgiving Meal

<p>Russ Crandall, of the paleo diet-centric food blog <a href="http://thedomesticman.com/">The Domestic Man</a>, shares an exhaustive step-by-step guide of how to smoke your turkey on the grill. Not only does this method ensure a great smokey flavor, it means your oven is free for side dish and dessert prep all day long. <a href="https://www.yahoo.com/food/how-to-smoke-turkey-in-a-grill-125724934.html"><b>Try the Smoked Turkey recipe. </b></a><i>(Photo: Russ Crandall)</i></p>If you’ve been living in America for more than a few weeks, you know that Thanksgiving is synonymous with turkey. And while we love all those side dishes, it’s the bird that takes center stage every year. For decades, if not centuries, roasting the turkey was the only acceptable way, and, indeed, the vast majority of Americans will roast their turkey this year as well. But in recent years, other methods have become trendy. In response, Yahoo Foods is stepping in to help. A recent article features every turkey recipe you’d ever need for the perfect Thanksgiving meal.

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