The Fastest Flower in the Forest

The Fastest Flower in the Forest

On Today’s Creation Moments Minute, we look at the fastest flower in the forest.

fastest flowerThe tiny bunchberry dogwood flower opens explosively to propel its pollen farther. Scientists wanted to find out how fast the flowers really opened, so they photographed a flower opening with a high speed camera capable of taking 1,000 pictures per second. Unbelievably, the camera proved to be too slow! They then switched to a camera capable of taking 10,000 pictures a second so they could clearly see what was going on. They saw that the petals opened, and in a separate action, the stamens unfolded so fast that they catapulted pollen into the air. All of this happens in four tenths of a thousandth of a second.

Truly, there are no limits to the wonders God can conceive and create.

For Creation Moments Minute, I’m Darren Marlar.


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