The Fastest Jaws In The World

The Fastest Jaws in the World

On Today’s Creation Moments Minute, we meet a creature with the fastest jaws in the world.

fastest jawsThe trap-jaw ant has a unique approach when he meets a predator. He can fight, flee or do both at the same time with the same movement. The ant has a unique mandible. If the ant faces a threat and decides to attack, it will strike at the threat with its mandibles and in the movement propel itself up to nine inches from the threat almost simultaneously. If the ant decides to flee, it simply does so by snapping its jaws shut against the ground. Its jaw snaps closed at over 136 miles per hour.

While it is sometimes necessary to protect ourselves from earthly dangers through fight or flight, neither of these will work for the spiritual dangers we face. For those we must trust the strong arm of our risen Savior.

For Creation Moments Minute, I’m Darren Marlar.


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