Feeling Groggy This Morning? Welcome To Daylight Saving Time!

Image result for daylight saving timeDaylight Savings Time is back.. so we lost an hour heading into Sunday morning. According to the National Sleep Foundation, the loss of just one hour’s sleep can make sleep-deprived people more accident-prone, increasing the risk of highway crashes. Studies have found up to a 17% increase in fatal car crashes in the four days immediately after the switch to Daylight Saving Time. The average adult needs about eight hours of sleep each night, yet more than a third of American adults sleep fewer than seven hours a night. Lack of sleep interferes with the daily activities of approximately 35% of those adults, studies show. Because it’s not so easy to reset the body’s internal clock, even those who get plenty of sleep may find themselves feeling disoriented, cranky or groggy today. It’s much like a case of jet lag, and the rule of thumb is that it will take the body clock one day to adjust for each hour of time change. So hopefully that means tomorrow you’ll feel a-okay again.