A fifth of adults have forgotten how to do fractions or percentages

A blackboard with chalk smeared across it

A recent YouGov survey reveals a poor recall of elementary mathematics, English and science among adults. According to the Guardian, One in five adults has forgotten how to work out either fractions or percentages, and even fewer remember how to calculate the mean, the median or the mode. In English, many showed a similarly shaky grasp of punctuation with almost one in four admitting to not knowing when to use a semi-colon; 18% didn’t know the rules governing the use of an apostrophe; and 17% had forgotten when to use a comma. The basics of science have also faded with 24% unable to remember all the names of the planets in the solar system; 19% said they were unable to either remember or explain the greenhouse effect; while 21% have forgotten photosynthesis.

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