Finally Making Positive Changes

Change something you do dailyMaking some positive changes in my life.  Finally.

I just began working with a personal trainer, Braxton Cosby to get onto a diet/exercise program.  We’ll be starting that within the next couple of weeks – and I’ll be sharing my progress on Facebook, Twitter, and my website to not only let Braxton know how I’m doing, but to also stay “accountable” to my friends/family who can cheer me on or jeer me on – whichever is more appropriate.

I desperately need a quiet time with the Lord – and I know me.  I don’t work well unless I have an agenda, so I just ordered some materials from one of my favorite radio ministries, “Turning Point“, so I can follow along with their on-air teaching and dive more into The Word.  I just need to block out half-an-hour each morning at 9:30am to keep up with it – and that really shouldn’t be too difficult.  I could also listen online to their podcasts if I miss the morning episode… but having a set time each day I think will be the most effective for me.

This Friday is officially my last standup comedy performance.  I’m giving it up.  I really don’t have time to pursue it, it doesn’t really benefit me financially as it used to due to the economy, and I’ve not written a new joke for the stage in months.  I just don’t have the passion for it any longer and I tend to feel guilty for not working on it.  So I figure if I give it up, no need to fret about it.  Besides, I’m so stinking busy with TV/film/Voice stuff that I wouldn’t have time to really go after the comedy even if I wanted to.

Another thing I may begin doing is rereading (re-listening, actually, to) the book “Take The Stairs” by Rory Vaden.  It’s honestly one of the best self-help books I’ve ever read, second only to “How To Win Friends And Influence People”, and it was a key motivating factor to the progress I made months ago when I made my initial weight loss of 30lbs (before I gained it back by getting lazy again).

Another stress reliever, we’re  finally… finally… finally setting a date for filming of “Rock And a Hard Place”: December 6-11, 2014.  So keep us in your prayers as we try to make everyone’s schedules work out!  More details to come!

I just finished up an eleven-day vacation… and I feel a “little” better rested – but not as much as I should.  Hoping the health changes and plugging in to Jesus will help me feel that peace that passes all understanding!

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