Fireflies Light Path to Brighter Bulbs

Fireflies Light Path to Brighter Bulbs

If you think that light-emitting diode bulbs are bright, wait until you see what scientists are developing. And wait until you see where they are getting their inspiration. This is the Creation Moments Minute.

An international team of researchers in Belgium recently examined Photuris fireflies under a scanning electron microscope to see if they could identify the structures that produce the light. They discovered a series of abrupt edges on fireflies ā€“ much like the shingles on a roof ā€“ that scatter light rays, increasing the amount of light escaping from the firefly’s glowing lantern.

The jagged scales on a firefly's lantern help the bug shine brighterAs a result of their study, engineers hope to produce LED light bulbs that are 55 percent brighter than current bulbs. We don’t know when these bulbs will be on store shelves. But we do know that God’s ingenious design for fireflies helped to light the way to the latest advances in lighting technology.

For Creation Moments Minute, Iā€™m Darren Marlar.


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