Whatever your profession, ladies, there will be times when you feel like pulling your hair out or shouting at the top of your voice.  Here are five suggestions that will help you to reduce stress. From shopping and facials to diet tips and a healthier lifestyle.

• Join a gym: Exercise is a proven stress buster. It can improve your mind – body relationship and reduce physiological factors such as high blood pressure (a sign of stress) and body weight, as well as increasing alertness and self-esteem.

• Eat less fat: If you’re overweight this small change can help you reduce your body fat to a more desirable level. Weight loss will not only reduce the stress placed upon your heart (so tasks feel easier), it will also reduce your blood pressure – so your less likely to feel uptight.

• Have a massage: A skilled masseur will literally push out any negative vibes and allow you half an hour of complete abandonment.

• Get a facial: A great way to wake up your pours and your face! There are two main ways to experience a facial.  You can experience one at the hands of a professional, or you can buy yourself a facial kit and apply it at home.  Whichever method you experience, allowing some time for self-pampering is a positive experience and a great way to de-stress at the end of a busy day.

• Go shopping: Never underestimate the relaxing properties of retail therapy. We all know that spending a little of our hard earned cash on No.1 once in a while will cheer us up. Without fail. Once we are happy we are more likely to feel relaxed.

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