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Today’s Creation Moments Minute is a good reminder why you shouldn’t believe everything you hear from evolutionists.


Creation Scientists have often complained that evolutionists seem unscientifically eager to turn any ancient fossil into proof of human evolution. In the past, bones from pigs, monkeys, alligators, horses and even an elephant have been “reconstructed” into missing links between humans and ape-like creatures.


While these examples are all old, evolutionists continue to be over-enthusiastic about using animal bones to make human-like creatures. A more recent example caused the respected magazine, Science News, to note that even some evolutionists have begun to discuss “anthropologists’ over-zealous pursuit of human ancestry.”


We need to take care that we don’t become over-impressed by the conclusions of scientists with lots of letters behind their names. When it comes to supporting evolution, many scientists are driven more by their desire to prove evolution than by any facts.


Ref: W. Herbert. “Hominids Bear Up, Become Porpoiseful.” Science News, Vol. 123, p. 246.