Fossilized Fence Roadblocks Evolutionary Dating

Are fossils always a sign of great age? Find out the answer on today’s Creation Moments Minute.

In an attempt to maintain the illusion that fossils must be millions of years old, evolutionists dismiss examples of young fossils as freaks of nature. However, there are many examples of fossils that were formed recently.

A circular rock, discovered on a western Australian beach, was a dense high-calcium sandstone. After being cut open, it became clear that the sandstone was fossilized “Number 8” fence wire that could have been in the water only between 30 and 80 years!

The existence of fossils does not disprove the Bible’s account of history that dates the Earth at only about 6,000 years old. If fossils can form in a relatively few number of years, 6,000 years is more than enough time to form all the millions of fossils discovered.

For Creation Moments Minute, I’m Darren Marlar.

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