FOWL Ball Day?

o FOWL BALL DAY. In 1983 Toronto police arrested Yankee outfielder Dave Winfield for “causing unnecessary suffering to an animal” after Winfield threw a baseball during warm-ups, and a seagull was killed when it ran into the ball’s flight path. ***MARLAR: Isn’t that like being arrested for running over a squirrel that runs under your car? And seagulls are uglier!

o This is NATIONAL NIGHT OUT. ***MARLAR: For those of you thinking it’s the perfect opportunity to go out for a night on the town – paint the town red, so to speak – well, hold up. This is a night to promote police-community partnerships to fight crime. Then again, there’s no accounting for taste – you might find that romantic.

o TODAY IS HUG YOUR CHILD DAY. ***MARLAR: If you don’t have a child, hug somebody else’s. We all need a hug every day.

o Today NATIONAL CHOCOLATE CHIP DAY. ***MARLAR: Just hearing that makes today sound so much better, doesn’t it?

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