From 200 Amazing Secrets


  • Remove a broken key from a lock: Put some super glue on broken off part, insert, hold a few seconds and pull.
  • Straighten warped records: Place record between two sheets of glass, let sit in the sun for awhile.
  • How to revive old razor blades: Rub them back and forth inside a drinking glass.
  • Get water out of your watch: Strap watch to light bulb, turn on for a few minutes. Water drops will form on glass. Open up and wipe off.
  • Open a stuck zipper: Spray the zipper with shaving cream.
  • Easily untie a knot in a chain: Cover the knot generously with cold cream.
  • Eliminate odors from the disposal: Throw a lemon in it and let it be ground up.
  • Eliminate popcorn duds: Freeze it first then it all will pop.

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