Has God ever spoken to you through your hair?

Image result for kristin kissee godKristin Kissee battled non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma several years ago and came out on top. To celebrate, she posted a photo to Facebook in 2011 of her hair coming back after chemotherapy and radiation. In the midst of a recent “rough day,” Kissee looked for help from above. She says, “I was feeling overwhelmed having to adjust to life with a newborn and a 3-year-old with autism, along with the anticipation of my latest scan results…so I prayed for strength and peace.” She found her inspiration while looking at that 2011 photo. In her hairline at the top of her forehead, there sat the word ‘GOD’ written out in her curls. Kissee says she believes seeing the Lord’s name in her locks was no mere coincidence. “I was overcome with feelings of joy and serenity,” she said. “I cried. God answered my prayers.”