God Shows Himself In My Home… Through Medication!

placebo-blue-capsulesYou can actually see God working – if you look for His hand.

My bride, Robin, has been sick for about two weeks now, and we couldn’t figure out what it was.  Was it a virus?  Something she ate?  We finally thought that it could possibly be the recent change in her medication.  But that seemed extremely unlikely, because although our pharmacy had exchanged her anxiety medication for a different version, it was the same drug – just a different generic version.  This was confirmed by the pharmacist.  So obviously, it was not the medication.

Or was it?

Turns out, just two months ago, for the first time in my bride’s life, she got an allergy test because of a completely different issue.  One of the few things she was found to be allergic to was a specific blue dye.  This had nothing to do with the reason she went in for the test, and we never use blue dye for anything, so we forgot about it… until today.  It turns out the new generic medication my bride is taking is packaged in capsules that use that that blue dye.  The previous version of the medication did not use it.

Had Robin not had the allergy test two months ago, for a completely unrelated issue, we never would’ve known about the blue dye allergy.  Thus, we never would’ve figured out with her new medication that the blue capsules were causing her to get sick!  Robin might’ve been taking various drugs for the rest of her life, remaining sick no matter what was prescribed, because no one would ever have known it was the stupid blue dye that was the problem.

You might see coincidence.  I see God’s loving and protective hand at work.

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