God, Where Did You Go?

An actor friend of mine contacted me this morning asking if I ever feel dry spells when it comes to feeling close to God.

Do… I… ever.  I think we all do at points in our lives.  Of course, just because we feel far away from God doesn’t mean He’s any further from us than before.  He’s always with us, and we can’t count on the way we “feel” when it comes to truth.

Typically, if God feels far away it’s not because He pulled away, but because we did.  What are you not doing now that you used to do when you felt close to Him?  Did you used to listen to Christian music all the time?  Start the day reading the Bible and/or praying (or maybe ending the day that way)?  Were you in a small Christian group before and aren’t now?  Take a look at what you were doing THEN when you felt close to God and compare that with what you’re doing now.

Oh, and before you think I’m all high and mighty, dispensing advice as if I know the answer to everything spiritual, you might want to know that the above paragraph applies to me too, as I am also in a dry spell.  Sometimes it takes an outside influence to point out what’s lacking in your own life.

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