Government Needs To Get Out of the Marriage Business

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 9.43.30 PMThis week, the Alabama state Senate passed a bill that would end the practice of licensing marriages in the state, effectively nullifying both major sides of the contentious national debate over government-sanctioned marriage.

Well, this is a start.  But honestly, the government has zero business being involved in marriage at all.  They need to get out of the marriage business… period.

I’m not going to debate the moral issue about gay marriage in this post – I’m guessing my opinion means just as much to you as your opinion means to me, which in all likelihood is exactly diddlysquat because we all have our minds made up and aren’t going to budge from our proverbial high horses.  So let’s move on…

The gay marriage issue, or whether or not you agree with the recent SCOTUS decision isn’t the issue.  Heck – I really don’t care if you want to marry your half-sister and first cousin and live life in an incestuous polygamous household.  I don’t care if you want to run off and marry your Robbie the Robot action figure because it shows more love than any man has ever shown you.  Granted, you’ve got mental problems if either of those scenarios describes you – but the government shouldn’t be in a position to tell you that you can or cannot make those decisions.  Whom we marry is none of the government’s business.  Why are we seeking “permission” from the government just so we can get married?

To most, marriage is a sacred thing (i.e., it’s “religious”), which is why it’s such a touchy subject.  So why is the government involved with this religious practice in the first place?  Shouldn’t we have the ACLU angrily shaking their fists in the air right about now, picketing outside the Supreme Court with signs saying “Separation of Church and State”?  It’s strange that those people want to silence all religion – until they don’t.

Government isn’t supposed to endorse religion – and yet, that’s exactly what happened on Friday.  If the issue was whether or not gay couples could enter into civil contracts with each other, it would never have reached the Supreme Court because that would be a stupid argument – it’s already taking place, and no one is complaining about it.  But once you hang the word “marriage” on it, it becomes a religious issue – and government has no business treading on that territory.  The government deciding to allow marriage in any form – heterosexual, homosexual, transexual, asexual, non-sexual, multi-sexual, robosexual (and numerous other meaningless made up words), is them stepping into church territory because marriage is a religious institution.  The only thing separating a civil contract from a recognized marriage is a certificate.  A piece of paper that, outside of the government, has no meaning whatsoever – it’s just a statement saying “Yup, I married this person on such-n-such date.”  So why does the government insist on our having that marriage certificate?

MONEY, that’s why.  It’s all about money.  Why should I have to ask permission from any government (city, state, or federal) for the privilege of marrying the one whom God has for me?  On top of that, why should I have to PAY A FEE for that privilege?  What sense does that make?

“S’cuse me, Mr. President – I just wanted t’ know if it ‘d be okay with you if I married this girl here I met last Sunday at the Choke & Puke Buffet… she’s real purdy.  Can I have yer permishun?”

The government has zero interest in marriage except for the taking of your money.  They care about nothing else.  Not only do they force you to buy a marriage license in order to be recognized as married, but in many cases filing taxes as a married couple actually costs MORE than if you were single.

“Whoo hoo!  Gays now get to deal with the ‘marriage penalty’ at tax time!  They are so lucky!  Congratulations!”

But… what if you remove the government entirely from the marriage equation, giving them no say about it whatsoever?  Yes, many churches would choose not to marry same-sex couples; as is their their religious right.  But on the flip-side, several churches WOULD agree to marry same-sex couples; as is their religious right as well.

See what happens there?  You would simply choose the denomination that fits you (Gasp!  What a concept!), and there would be no fear of government intrusion, and no threat of shutting a church or business down for disagreeing with something.  Heck, the idea of disagreeing with people is one of America’s greatest pastimes – we were founded on it!  Right along with that pesky “freedom of religion”, it’s right there in the 1st Amendment – it’s called “free speech”.

Friday’s decision is not a victory for anyone other than the money-grubbing politicians who couldn’t care less about your happiness so long as you continue paying them handsomely to slowly rip away your freedoms.

It’s time to have “the right to pursue happiness” without it being tied to the government’s purse strings.