With GPS And Graph Paper, Farmers Find A-maze-ing Ways To Bring In Cash

In the small town of Sunderland, Mass., is a 300-year-old, family-run plot of land that fuses fine art and farming. Mike Wissemann’s 8-acre cornfield maze is a feat of ingenuity, with carefully planned and executed stalk-formed replicas of notables such as the Mona Lisa, Albert Einstein and Salvador Dalí. For the past 17 years, Wissemann’s family and landscape artist Will Sillin have used arithmetic as well as the tools and technology available to them. In 2000, that was graph paper and an ATV equipped with a GPS that was not very accurate. Now, a GPS-equipped mower can zoom in on a single stalk within an inch. Add in a drone and you’ve got yourself an elaborate maze.  See these spectacular aerial photos yourself at http://n.pr/2fbloOH