You can improve your personality by changing your handwriting, says a noted graphologist. “Your handwriting reveals the weaknesses in your personality. Once you are aware of your bad traits, you can improve them by concentrating on changing your handwriting,” Shirl Solomon explained. Yeah… whatever… tell that to all the forgery experts. Anyway, Mrs. Solomon, author of “How to Really Know Yourself Through Your Handwriting,” said graphology (the study of handwriting) is a tool that can help people successfully deal with their personalities. For those who want to improve their personalities by proving their handwriting, Mrs. Solomon has these tips:

  • If you start sentences with small first letters, you are probably timid about beginning new projects. Begin strong by making the first letters larger. This will subconsciously improve your ambition.
  • If you use dashes frequently, you’re probably overly concerned with what people think. Dashes are the same as words that grope, or hedge the subject. Replace them with abrupt periods.
  • If your capital “I” is flowery it may indicate insecurity and a need for attention from others. Write your “I” plainly. This shows you are open and direct and have no great hang-ups.
  • If the word “I” is very small in comparison with the other letters, you probably have a weak self-image and like to hide in the crowds of people. Enlarge the “I,” increase the space inside the loop, and you’re more apt to rise above the masses.
  • If the final flourish of your signature turns back and crosses out part of your name, you have negative feelings about yourself. Leave the last stroke where it is. This helps make your personality more open.

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