Happy Bajdkbam Day!

lasagnao This is REG MORRIS DAY.  In 1988 Reg Morris of Walsall, England, crawled on his hands and knees a world record 28.5 miles. You may recall that three years earlier Reg carried a brick 61 miles.  ***MARLAR: Okay, maybe you WON’T recall that… because nobody cares!!!

o Today is NATIONAL LASAGNA DAY.  ***MARLAR: There is nothing funny to say about this one – I believe we should all, out of a deep feeling of respect, celebrate it though.

o Today is NATIONAL PHOTOGRAPH YOUR CHILDREN WHEN THEY’RE NOT LOOKING DAY.  ***MARLAR: My parents did that to my brother while he was potty-training… and then used the photos to blackmail him when he was in junior-high school. 

o Today is BAJDKBAM DAY, a day to act silly and goofy.  ***MARLAR: Or just SOUND silly and goofy trying to pronounce the word “bajdkbam”.


Creative Commons License photo credit: stu_spivack

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