He Walks on Water (Part 2 of 2)

He Walks on Water (Part 2 of 2)


How does the water strider manage to walk on the water? Find out on today’s Creation Moments Minute.

The insect’s six legs end in what look like a snowshoe that spreads his weight on the water surface. The bottom of each foot is covered with sensitive hairs and a tiny oil gland to prevent the hairs from getting wet. Those hairs are also very sensitive to vibrations so he knows who is beneath him as he skates across the surface. Unlike most other insects, the strider is actually covered with hairs, and these provide for flotation when he dives for food.


Only the Creator of all things could have known about surface tension and design a creature that can literally walk on water. Doesn’t He deserve our worship and praise, especially since He did not even spare the life of His only Son to save us when we were lost to Him?


For Creation Moments Minute, I’m Darren Marlar.


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Video Credits:
Richard Hammond’s Invisible Worlds – Water Strider


Water Striders Walking On Water