Hebrew? It’s all Greek To Me.

article-2600355-1CF483B400000578-866_634x344It took me over two hours to voice a small three-page script which included several Hebrew words that I needed to pronounce correctly.
Just heard back from the client and he is extremely happy and (gulp!) says he will be back for more soon.  Be careful about being good at what you do – you might be asked to do it again!
This is voice work for an amazingly cool documentary film. According to the script, the Hebrew names (from the Torah – Old Testament) for “Earth”, “Moon” and “Sun” match the scientific data by NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration – and it’s all shown using mathematical formulas in this film. Essentially, we knew a whole heckuva lot more about our universe many thousands of years ago, and that information was somehow lost/forgotten but is now being rediscovered by today’s scientists.
Just the script itself is blowing me away; I can’t wait to see what this thing looks like on film.

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