Hello, Tampa!

It’s been a great first day in Tampa, Florida as I get ready for tomorrow night’s sold-out Collision of Comedy shows at Northeast Presbyterian Church in St. Petersburg!

This morning I had the privilege of being a guest on Spirit FM 90.5’s morning show with Carlos and Abby.  It was a great time, lots of laughs, and it was great to spend a couple of hours in a radio station again.  I joked in the end about possibly taking over for Carlos and Abby whenever they are on vacation.  Now that I think about it, I’d do it in a heartbeat – it would be a heckuva lot of fun (and hey, I’d be back in Tampa)!

Another reason I wouldn’t mind coming back to Tampa… Square One Burgers.  This is a Tampa exclusive and it’s not your traditional burger joint in any way.  They’ve got everything you can imagine for burgers, even when it comes to the meat.  You can get burgers made of beef, chicken, buffalo, tuna, portabello mushroom… even ostrich!

I opted for straight beef, but still had fun with it by ordering their “Rise & Shine” burger… 100% Angus burger topped with premium hickory smoked bacon, carmelized onions, gruyere cheese, and a fried egg.  Yes… a fried egg on a burger!  Man it was rich… but it… was… GREAT.

All of this before noon today… and now I’m back in the hotel for a real letdown for what remains of the day.  Work.  I have to create more radio show prep, I have some voice work to do, plus I have to write some material for tomorrow night’s Collision of Comedy.  I have to somehow find a way to gracefully segue from jokes and punchlines to talking about starving children and how the audience should sponsor a child through World Vision… and then back to the laughs. I believe in what they do, we even sponsor a child through World Vision at home… but how do you talk about this at a comedy show?!?

Good thing I got the burger with the fried egg… I’m going to need the protein for my brain to figure this one out!

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