Help send some Baskets of Hope

Russia (MNN) — Easter may be over in the United States, but it’s about to begin in Russia. On May 1, Russians everywhere will gather together to celebrate their biggest holiday of the year.

You see, Easter in Russia is like Christmas in the United States. It’s HUGE. And even though many Russians may or may not understand the holiday, everyone still celebrates it. So, to help churches share the Gospel, SOAR International will be sharing Easter baskets through its “Baskets of Hope” ministry.

(Photo courtesy SOAR International via Facebook)

(Photo courtesy SOAR International via Facebook)

Here’s how it works. Through donations, SOAR provides Easter baskets for churches to give away to children and families enduring difficult circumstances. But, churches don’t hand out baskets as a one-time meet-and-greet. Instead, it’s part of a much bigger ministry.

“[The churches continue] to meet with the kids in the orphanages by visiting them weekly or monthly. And then, with the needy families as often as they can, either bringing them to the church or going to visit them if they can’t come to the church,” says Greg Mangione with SOAR.

But what is a basket of hope? Well, it’s an Easter basket filled with snacks, toys, hygiene items, and other gifts these children are unaccustomed to. The kids also receive a personal letter from the basket sponsors to let them know they’re not forgotten. These are people who’ve never met them, but love and care for them just like their Heavenly Father.

Furthermore, each basket also holds one of the most precious books in existence: the Bible. It’s a way to minister by sharing the love of Christ with children and families experiencing hardship.

(Photo courtesy SOAR International via Facebook)

(Photo courtesy SOAR International via Facebook)

“[Churches are] sharing the hope of the Gospel, the story of Christ and His resurrection, that they can also use the ‘Baskets of Hope’ project and the gifts, the items that are in these gifts, to further share their love to the needy children and orphans in Russia that they work with,” explains Mangione.

Currently, SOAR has nearly 300 baskets sponsored. However, they’re hoping to double this number before leaving for Russia. So if you’re willing, consider donating $35 for a child to receive a basket and the Word of God. It costs less than buying a cup of coffee each day for the next month.

If sponsorship isn’t a possibility right now, please pray for the Russian people to hear the Gospel and have their hearts turned towards Christ. Pray also that God would continue to fund baskets and go above and beyond SOAR’s goal.

To donate, click here.