Heroic Nanny Runs Through a Blazing Fire to Save a Little Boy (VIDEO)

alyson-myatt-saves-boy-from-fireA nanny is being hailed as a hero after running barefoot through a burning house to save the five year old boy she was watching. Alyson Myatt awoke early one morning to find the house already engulfed in flames. But she didn’t hesitate. She ran through the flames from her bedroom on the first floor to Aiden’s bedroom on the second floor. She grabbed Aiden and then when back down the stairs to where she and Aiden could exit the house safely. Official say Aiden didn’t receive a single scratch or burn thanks to Allison’s quick response. On the other hand, Allison wasn’t as fortunate. She received 3rd degree burns on her feet and burns to her hands as well and is still recovering.