“The Highgate Cemetery Vampire” and 3 more TRUE stories of TERROR! #WeirdDarkness

“The Highgate Cemetery Vampire” and 3 more TRUE stories of TERROR! #WeirdDarkness

In this episode…
* The first recorded ghost in the United States was reported in Sullivan, Maine, in 1799. And her name, was Nelly Cooper.
* Built in 1839, Highgate Cemetery, in Highgate, London, is now said to be one of the most actively haunted cemeteries in the UK. There were even newspaper stories that there was a vampire at large in there – the so-called “Highgate Vampire”.
* When a woman died, leaving no heirs and no will. A couple were brought in to clear out the property after the estate had been settled. When it came time to clear out the deceased woman’s shed, what they found was more than disturbing… it was horrifying.
* A neighborhood in old Louisville, Kentucky had a large tree that stood in the center of the court – and served at one time as a hanging tree for various lynchings in the 1800s. The hangings may have stopped – but the darkness surrounding it, hasn’t.


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