How a House Built a Family

Cara Brookins - RiseBack in 2008, Cara Brookins was trying to start over. She had just left a husband she describes as “physically violent” and desperately wanted to give her four children a home where they’d each have their own room. So she started studying home-construction tutorials on YouTube and figured out she could afford to take out a loan to buy an acre of land and construction materials. Then all she’d have to do is build the thing herself – which she did with her kids – age 17, 15, 12, and 2, at the time. But the hard work on weekends and after school, along with some regular advice from their local Home Depot, all paid off. Cara says in the process, “We also rebuilt our broken family.” They’d often work into the night, “sometimes by headlights,” but she says her kids were resilient noting, “It was the first time they had felt any sort of power.” Imagine that… this woman is living large thanks to YouTube!  Her new book Rise chronicles the project.