How Many Stars Are There?

How Many Stars Are There?

One very special star – our sun – on today’s Creation Moments Minute.

False-color image of the Sun observed in the extreme ultraviolet region of the spectrumThe sun churns out more energy every second than we could ever use. Less than one-tenth of one percent of its energy falls on the Earth in any one second. If we could harness only one second’s worth of that energy, we would have more energy than man has used in his entire existence or expects to use for thousands of years into the future!

Astronomers reckon that there are over one billion stars in our galaxy and over a million galaxies like it in the universe! This means that as incredible as God’s power must be to have created our sun, He actually made over a million times a billion suns! And just think, He did it all in one day and didn’t even rest the next day.

Truly, God’s power, wisdom and creativity are infinite.

For Creation Moments Minute, I’m Darren Marlar.

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