(Sun) Several national studies have noted that bad behavior is becoming the norm in America and courtesy is all but forgotten. Find out if you need a refresher course in proper manners by taking this short quiz:

You are late for appointments…

a)     half the time

b)    constantly

c)     never

d)    rarely

Your friend keeps answering her cell phone at the movies, and you…

a)     whisper that she’s a jerk

b)    grab her cell and turn it off in mid-call

c)     ignore her and focus on the flick

d)    suggest she go outside to talk

Someone pushes in front of you in line, and you…

a)     sarcastically tell them to take a hike

b)    shout for security

c)     let them

d)    quietly say they need to get to the back of the line

The message on your voice mail is…

a)     full of street slang

b)    short and abrupt

c)     apologetic and begs for the caller to leave a number

d)    friendly and promises a return call ASAP


Mostly A: You’re attitude is adding to the level of uncivil behavior. It’s time to clean up your act.

Mostly B: Your furious reaction to the rudeness of others makes you just as bad. Get a grip.

Mostly C: You’re so polite you’re a doormat. You can be gracious while standing up for your rights.

Mostly D: You strike just the right chord of being courteous to others without being overly solicitous.

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