How To Deal With a Bad Boss

Fotolia_18038694_Subscription_XXLHOW TO DEAL WITH A BAD BOSS
(The National Enquirer) Thinking of quitting your job because your boss is making your life a nightmare? There are several easy steps you can take to get along with a bad boss, even if he’s a monster, said Tag Goulet, co-CEO of Here are Goulet’s top tips:

  • Mimic those who successfully deal with your boss — “Study your boss, and try to deduce how those who get along with him relate to him,” said Goulet. “Then, copy their behavior.”
  • Support your boss — “Most bosses want all the back-up they can get. This is especially true for the new supervisor who fears losing control, losing face and losing his or her job.”
  • Stand up for yourself — “Supporting your boss isn’t the same as being a doormat. Sometimes, bosses intentionally pick on the weaker employee. Do not tolerate being yelled at or treated badly. Say, ‘It’s not okay to talk to me like that.’ Sometimes bosses aren’t aware of what they’re doing. You can bring this problem to your boss’ attention while still being respectful, and your boss may respect you more for standing up for yourself. “But don’t complain to your bosses superior. It can be a big mistake. That supervisor may decide he needs your boss more than he needs you, and out you go.”
  • Document the problem — “If your boss is a bully, keep a written record of every bullying incident and, whenever possible, have a witness. Many companies have a zero-tolerance policy toward harassment or bullying. Look for support from your human resources department or senior management. But you must have a well-document case.”
  • Quit — “If your situation does not improve, you may have to look for another job,” said Goulet. “The worst thing you can do is nothing, and sacrifice your health and self-esteem.”


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