I Can Finally Eat a Cheeseburger Today Without Guilt.

Today is NATIONAL JUNK FOOD DAY.  ***MARLAR: Or you can just celebrate every day like I do so you won’t miss it.


Today is MONKEY APPRECIATION DAY.  ***MARLAR: I don’t have a lot of experience with them, so I’m not sure what you do to show your appreciation for monkeys.  Even my Sea Monkeys died after a couple of days.


Today is DON KNOTTS DAY, marking his birth on this day back in 1924 in Morgantown, West Virginia. He played Barney Fife on “The Andy Griffith Show,” Ralph Furley on “Three’s Company,” and Les “Ace” Calhoun on “Matlock.” He was also a regular on “Search for Tomorrow,” “The Steve Allen Show,” “The Don Knotts Show,” and “What A Country!” Believe it or not, he’s won five Emmy awards. ***MARLAR: Wow, he was on a soap opera?  I thought soap operas only hired BAD actors.

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