I’d go to more baseball games, that’s for sure.

See a game and stuff your face. Several major league ball clubs are trying something new this season — all-you-can-eat seats. Fans are able to pig out in the ballpark.  ***MARLAR: Now they now stretch at the 7th inning to make more room for nachos. 


That’s no catfish! Animal control officials in the Las Vegas area report a fisherman after catfish landed a 3 1/2-foot-long alligator at a Sunset Park lake. Of course, Sin City isn’t gator country. Wildlife officials figure it might have been someone’s pet and the gator was released into the lake when it got too big. Officials note importing and owning alligators is illegal in Nevada.  ***MARLAR: In fact, it’s just about the ONLY thing illegal in Vegas.


Drug Enforcement agents busted a crew of drug dealers who were smuggling heroin using the popular Build-A-Bear toys. The drug bust at an apartment in the Bronx in New York City turned up a bunch of the toys stuffed with about 33 pounds of heroin. The drugs, marked with names like Swine Flu, Crime 360 and Barack Obama, were valued at about $33 million. Twelve people were arrested after a three-month investigation.  ***MARLAR: Your bear-building days are OVER!


An Arkansas man who lived in a Pennsylvania family’s attic for more than a week has been sentenced to jail time.  Stanley Wayne Carter was sentenced Tuesday in Luzerne County Court to nine to 23 months in jail. He pleaded guilty in May to burglary, trespassing and other offenses.  The 21-year-old from Trumann, Ark., apologized again to homeowner Stacy Ferrance and her family.  In addition to living in the attic, Carter stole belongings from the Plains Township house while Ferrance and her children were out.  Carter had been staying with Ferrance’s neighbors. But when they asked him to leave, he went into the attic shared by the two homes and lived there for 10 days.  ***MARLAR: This is really sad.  When they asked the guy why he felt he had to live in the attic he said he couldn’t afford anything else because he works in radio. 


Those Rockies sure are pretty. But they’re not the right Rockies. A candidate for governor in Colorado finds himself between a rock and hard place over some mistaken Rocky Mountains.  Republican Scott McInnis accidentally used a picture of the Canadian Rockies on his Web site. Campaign officials say the mountainous goof was made by a design consultant who created the Web site. There’s now a picture of the Flatirons rock formations west of Boulder, Colo., on the site.  ***MARLAR: It’s so cool to see politicians concerned about hard rock. 


There’s a radio station in Gifu, Japan that broadcasts nothing but a human heartbeat 24 hours a day. Listeners say that hearing it helps them relax.  ***MARLAR: The format is called Arrhythmia and Blues.


Residents of the small Mexican town of Canalumtic have thrown a bull in jail! No kidding. They say the bull devoured their corn crops and destroyed two wooden buildings. Police commander Felipe Gomez said the bull would not be released until the owner pays damages, to be determined by a local judge. The owner, Moises Santiz, says he won’t pay more than $400 — the price he paid for the bull four months ago. It’s not the first time an animal has been jailed in Canalumtic. Last year a dog was locked up for 12 days after biting someone. His owners were ordered to pay an $18 fine.  ***MARLAR: That may not sound all that serious, but that’s 84 days and $126 in dog numbers.

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