I’m now unemployed… yet I’m happy about it!

n691983742_1146597_1890For my good friends listening to me on WWIL, Life 90.5FM in Wilmington, North Carolina – this message will make no sense whatsoever to you.  It’s not that I’ll be speaking in a different language, it’s just that you’re new friends that haven’t been following the ongoing soap opera the last three months that some radio folks in Rockford, Illinois have been living.  You’re welcome to stick around – just don’t freak out if you suddenly come to the realization that you have no concept of what I’m referring to in the next few paragraphs.  I apologize now for the confusion you are about to experience.

For those of you who have been listening to me on WQFL in Rockford, Illinois… well… first, you seriously need to seek psychiatric help.  Second, you’ve probably been wondering what is going to happen to your favorite morning show now that the radio station has been sold to a new owner.  Well, we finally got some news today.  Some changes are coming… but those changes are (in my personal opinion – which is the only opinion that matters seeing as this is MY blog) pretty exciting.

Am I still employed?  Well… no.  (That’s not the exciting part.)  In fact, as of 5pm this afternoon I am no longer an employee of 101QFL.  (I’ll give you a brief moment to console yourself.  Done?  You need to wipe your nose… no, the other nostril… there you go.)

Beginning immediately I am a contract employee, working freelance for the station.  But in many ways that is a good thing because it gives me more control over my work schedule, and it’ll allow me to do some things I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time… things I feel God is calling me to do.  (See, I TOLD you it was a good thing!)

What will it change on the air at 101QFL?  Well… today was my last day as “Marlar in the Morning with Marlar & Cindy.”  I am taking a couple of days off and will be back on the air Monday with “The Darren Marlar Radio Show.”  I wanted to call my new show “The John Tesh Show” – but some doofus already took that name.  Oh well… “Darren Marlar” is easier for me to remember anyway.

So what happens to that Cindy person?  Good question.  Her name is neither “Darren” or “Marlar” so we had to figure something out.  First, she’s going to take a couple of days off too.  After that, well… I can’t tell you exactly what the plan is… but it’s pretty cool.

Actually, I do plan to still keep Cindy involved with show (including neat stuff like “Cyber Snoop” – I just love that feature), but if things happen as I believe they will,  Cindy’s duties at 101QFL are going to shift and expand!  (Sweet!)

If you want a sneak-peak at what to expect this coming Monday for the “Darren Marlar Radio Show” – give a listen to the podcasts at http://darrenmarlar.com/category/podcasts/.

If you want a sneak-peak at what Cindy is up to… well, tough.  (Sticks tongue out and makes loud raspberry sound.)  You can’t have everything you want.

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