Inside The Mirrors (Audiobook)

InsideTheMirrors“Inside the Mirrors” by Jason R. Davis, narrated by Darren Marlar

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(Click the file above to hear the first full hour of the book!) Set in the town Standard, that small Midwestern town where nothing ever happens. Quiet, peaceful and tucked away among the cornfields and away from the dangers of the outside world. Unfortunately there is nothing normal about Standard. There has been an evil that has been awakened and now the residents are slowly going crazy. Men for no reason are coming home and murdering their families, and dark forms are appearing in people’s mirrors. The evil is spreading and now it is up to ex-Chicago cop Rob Alletto to find it. Time is running out, and the neighbors are becoming quiet shadows as they watch him. He doesn’t have long before it will start to get into his mind, and then he himself would be making that deadly trip home. (Breaking Fate Publishing)