“Is A Time Machine Hidden In a London Graveyard?” and 5 More Creepy Paranormal Stories! #WeirdDarkness

Is A Time Machine Hidden In a London Graveyard?” and 5 More Creepy Paranormal Stories! #WeirdDarkness

It was the train that carried the body of recently assassinated U.S. President Abraham Lincoln. It passed through Chicago in 1865… and it makes a return trip every year in the form of a phantom train. (Chicago and Lincoln’s Phantom Funeral Train) *** Would you be brave enough to move your family into a house located directly across the street from a mortuary? One man did just that – and shares the story of what happened! (Mortuary Affairs) *** A cemetery is a perfect place if you wanted to hide a secret. Could someone be hiding a time machine in a graveyard tomb? (Is A Time Machine Hidden In a London Graveyard?) *** A child is convinced there is a ghost of a little girl in the bedroom. (Chalk It Up To a Ghost) *** A ghost screams in the middle of the night! (Aged Cries) *** A group of friends, an abandoned house, and a Ouija board. What could possibly go wrong? (Bump In The Night) *** A family picnic ends with their 4-year-old son disappearing. But it’s when he returns that the story truly gets disturbing. (Who Was Bobby Dunbar?) *** We begin with a World War 1 submarine that comes across something almost as scary as the war itself – an unidentifiable creature in the depths of the ocean. (Did The U-28 See a Sea Monster?)

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