Is Facebook Depressing You?

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Love doing things on Facebook? Well, guess what? In reality, it is making you blue. A Harvard University study found that the Internet networking site and other social media “are major contributors to career anxiety.” In fact, the researchers declare: “It is actually making us miserable.” Ironically, Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook while attending Harvard, but the Boston university’s researchers say the web site “creates an online culture of competition and comparison,” steals away our time and prevents us from forming close relationships. And a comparable study at Stanford University reveals that many users have more negative experiences on social sites and overestimate exactly how much fun other people who use them are actually having. “Facebook is making us unhappy by making everyone else look really, really happy,” says Harvard study spearhead Daniel Gulati. How can you avoid the Facebook traps? Experts advice setting a designated time to go online, instead of checking in on your personal page throughout the day. And to build closer and more rewarding relationships, meet with your real world friends for a meal or drinks, instead of just posting messages online.   ***If you want to read this story for yourself or share it with a friend, I’ve posted it to my Facebook page.