Is it true that Evolution is science and Creation is religion?

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Is it true that evolution is science and creation is religion? Find out on today and tomorrow’s Creation Moments Minute.

While most people have been taught that evolution is science and creation is religion, the origins debate is really a debate between two religions. According to the evolutionist’s own rules of science, evolution is not good science. Consider the claims of evolution in view of what science knows today.

Life has never been seen to develop from nonliving materials. Yet, evolutionists say it did. Mutations, said by evolutionists to have created all the kinds of living things, have never been seen to produce one creature that was more complex or better able to survive. The moon has moonquakes, a magnetic field and internal heat. These are all indications that it is far younger than evolutionists care to believe.

And we’ll look at more examples on tomorrow’s Creation Moments Minute.

For Creation Moments Minute, I’m Darren Marlar.

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